White Label Solution

We offer this solution for customers who want to receive online bets. It has a personalized web page with the name and colors of its brand and up to 30,000 Live matches monthly and 30,000 pre-match games, plus hundreds of betting options for each of the sporting events.

Use a modern and intuitive platform ready to receive plays from gamblers of all levels.

soporte b2c Playbex

B2C multilingual support 24/7.

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24/7 technical assistance.

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BME to management your business.

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GMS / Backoffice

It will allow you to manage your website independently.

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24/7 Trading

Risk management with professional operators and dedicated managers.

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That will always help you with all your questions and problems while you are our partner.


The risk management solution has been developed to detect and manage risky players and thus reduce the financial losses of betting operators. Applies automated learning to determine the bettors’ gaming style, their characteristics and, therefore, supervise the operations of each of them to determine the actions.

The system will easily detect players with suspicious activity within the platform and a quick response will be given.